Children Problem Lucknow

Children Problem Solution in Lucknow

If you are deprived of a baby, if you want to have another baby, or if you want to grow your family and unable to do so due to some problems then you must once consider astrological measures and solutions. Medical science could remain in vain when child birth is concerned but astrology can’t. Astrology covers all the issues of life and helps to sort out problems related to all the aspects of life.

You must have heard from people that they overcame their Child Birth Issues and have become blessed with a baby only after taking Astrological Measures. Yes, that’s absolutely true. But now the question arises that which astrologer you should go to for coveted results. We would recommend you our acclaimed astrologer Pt. Ratan Rishi Ji as he has set an immense record of children problem solution cases all over the country and also other countries of the world. With a subtle analysis and meticulous study, Pt. Ratan Rishi has been able to solve every Children Problem case so far.

Major Causes –

  • Mostly couples remain without a child due to medical complications.
  • The differences between husband and wife are also very noted and frequent reason.
  • The planning problem is also a root cause in some situations. One of the partners does not comply with other for a baby’s birth.
  • Astrological reasons are also responsible for child birth problems in many cases.
  • Spellworking on the couple for malign intentions.

Couples most of the time are unable to detect the causes for their child birth problem due to lack of guidance and awareness. In this situation, they must give a serious thought to take advice from a professional guru who can guarantee them their desired Child Problem Solution. A renowned name for his marked services, Pt. Ratan Rishi Ji has offered this time his Children Problem Solutions in Lucknow. So you must take advantage of this opportunity now at your doorstep in your city.

Pt. Ratan Rishi Ji analyses with an in-depth detail the horoscopes of the couple for Astrological Remedies for Childbirth Problems.

  1. Which factors are responsible for the Problem in Childbirth?
  2. Is there any bad dasha in the horoscope?
  3. When will you have a baby?
  4. How many children will you have?
  5. How will this child birth problem be removed?
  6. Auspicious time for the child to take birth?

Horoscope characteristics for Progeny –

  • The lord of the fifth house of the horoscope of one of the partners becomes the first decisive factor for the child’s birth.
  • Jupiter and the sun mark the birth of a baby
  • If Mooltrikona doesn’t come into the fifth house then the lord of the second house signifies child birth problem.
  • It’s essential for planet Jupiter, the second house and its lord to be vigorous and independent.


Now, the couples who wish to become parents will no longer remain unfulfilled. You just need to put a right step in right direction. Acquire Pt. Ratan Rishi Ji’s Astrological Remedies for Childbirth Problems if you are going through Problem in Childbirth. Lucknow people will now be bestowed upon with a baby with the productive services of our pundit. Get in touch with him as soon as possible for Child Problem Solution.


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